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New Art!

2010-11-05 22:23:50 by Bomberkool

I am back with two new art pieces of art, two of my (maybe) future book characters: Kyle the Paladin and Becca the Demon. Also, I finally have an Icon! I will be drawing more things soon, maybe, so stay tuned!

Roblox game thing...

2010-08-31 17:13:36 by Bomberkool

So, I've been on the game "Roblox" for a while and decided to make money. So, all I have to do is to put a link here and I'll have moneh!!!
The game is really nice anyway, pretty kiddy but nice. Programmed in Lua with editable scripts and stuff. Really nice for programmers or programmers-to-be. So, here it is.
Take a look at my home made profile on the really cool game ROBLOX

(I made my profile myself! Really...)

I'm not that dumb!

2010-08-20 12:26:26 by Bomberkool

Finally! I'm able to do something with Flash. Hooray! Now, I must do something else than 3 seconds loop sprite animations... If someone knows a good animation tutorial, I'll be glad to know it!

So I am Here!

2010-07-19 21:42:12 by Bomberkool

After years of watching movies and playing games on NewGrounds, I've finally decide to "use" my account. I'm still not able to do anything with Flash, but it'll come!